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"Research is creating new knowledge."
~Neil Armstrong

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  • Read the following SAT test question and then click on a button to select your answer. 


    The scatterplot above shows the number of items purchased at a grocery store by 28 customers and the total cost of each purchase. How many of these 28 customers bought more than 10 items and spent less than $20?

    1. click to choose answer A  Four
    2. click to choose answer B  Five
    3. click to choose answer C  Six
    4. click to choose answer D  Seven
    5. click to choose answer E  Eight
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LCTI Right Now...

  • by Mr. Peregrin.  

    Salisbury: No students from Salisbury today.

  • by Mr. Peregrin.  

    Thursday, April 17th, Dr. Hornberger and several architects will be at LCTI to visit some of our programs. 

    Please be sure to give a warm welcome to our visitors.

  • by Mr. Peregrin.  

    Northern Lehigh: No Northern Lehigh students today.
    Whitehall: No students from Whitehall today.

  • by Mr. Peregrin.  

    On Thursday, April 17th the LCTI Safety Advisory Council will be conducting a Safety Inspection of selected Career and Technical labs and academic classrooms. 

    Please show the usual courtesy to the individuals who will be conducting an inspection of your area and be available for the questions and recommendations with regard to safety.

  • by Mr. Peregrin.  

    Seniors, please save the date.

    Senior Recognition evening is May 22.

    Details coming soon!

  • by Mr. Peregrin.  

    Seniors that are planning on college next attention to the deadlines!  There are federal and state FAFSA deadlines, and your colleges may also have a FAFSA deadline.

    All first-time applicants at a community college; a business/trade/technical school; a hospital school of nursing; or enrolled in a non-transferable 2-year program: August 1, 2014, by midnight Central Time. 

    All other applicants - May 1, 2014, by midnight Central Time.

    Check with the college(s) you are interested in attending. You may also want to ask your college about its definition of an application deadline; whether it is the date the college receives your FAFSA, or the date your FAFSA is processed.

  • by Mr. Peregrin.  

       1    8:16am to 8:56am   
       2    8:57am to 9:37am   
       3    9:28am to 10:18am 
       4    10:18am to 10:58am 
       5a   10:58am to 11:38am
       5b   11:38am to 12:03pm 
       6    12:03am to 12:43pm 
       7    12:43pm to 1:23pm  
       8    1:24pm to 2:04pm   
       9    2:05pm to 2:45pm   

    Remember you are responsible for attending all classes that are listed on the appropriate days on your class schedule.

    Skipped or missed classes by the student, regardless of reason, are subject to disciplinary referral.

  • by Mr. Peregrin.  

    • Pennsylvania sponsored website for students
    • Assess career interests linked to specific O*NET materials
    • Portfolios, budgeting, and career acquisition
    • College and training information

  • by Mr. Peregrin.  

    Seniors, please check out the Scholarship Page on the LCTI website.

    There are a number of lab specific and general scholarships available to apply to but deadlines for many are coming soon. 

    To access the page go to, click on the Resources tab, then click on Scholarship Information.

  • by Mr. Peregrin.  

    The ID room will be open on Tuesday from 8:30am to 9:00am and again from 12:30pm to 1:00pm.

    New students receive one ID free of charge.

    Returning students must have $3.00 for a replacement ID.

  • by Mr. Peregrin.  

    LCTI School Store Hours: 
    AM session: 9:30am - 10:00am 
    PM session: 1:30pm - 2:00pm

    Please remember when you come to the School Store, you must have your LCTI ID and a signed hall pass to the School Store. 

  • by Mr. Peregrin.  

    In order to maintain a safe environment at LCTI, be responsible by reporting any suspicious or inappropriate activity to a staff member or by using LCTI’s Anonymous Phone Helpline at 610-794-1411.

    Please report any facts, remarks or actions that could jeopardize the safety of students, staff or school. 

    Examples of harmful or threatening behavior might include: 
    • Bullying
    • Violence
    • Theft 
    • Drug or alcohol abuse 
    • Talk of suicide 
    • Sexual harassment 
    • Weapons
    • Vandalism
    LCTI Anonymous Phone Helpline     610-794-1411

  • by Mr. Peregrin.  

    Academic Center 11:01am     Fifth Pd      na
    Allen           11:05am     Lunch:LgCafe  11:35am
    Catasauqua      11:15am     BUS – Front   11:20am
    Dieruff         10:55am     BUS - Lot 3   11:00am
    Emmaus        11:05am     BUS – Lot 3   11:10am
    Northern Lehigh 11:15am     Lunch:LgCafe  11:45am
    NW Lehigh       11:05am     BUS – Lot 3   11:10am
    Parkland        11:00am     Lunch:LgCafe  11:30am
    Salisbury       na          na            na     
    Southern Lehigh 10:50am     BUS - Lot 3   10:55am
    Whitehall       11:00am     Lunch:LgCafe  11:30am

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