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"Luck sometimes visits a fool, but it never sits down with him."
~German proverb
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  • Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted in the sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole. 

    Tantra paintings from India are not only beautiful but also -------: in addition to their aesthetic value, they are used to facilitate meditation.

    1. click to choose answer A  garish
    2. click to choose answer B  valuable
    3. click to choose answer C  numerous
    4. click to choose answer D  ornate
    5. click to choose answer E  functional
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  • by Mr. Peregrin.  

    Catasauqua: Catasauqua Academic Center & CAP underclass students last day.

    Northwestern Lehigh: Last day for Academic Center & CAP day underclass Northwestern Lehigh students.

    Salisbury: Last day for Salisbury 1/2 day AM, full day Academic Center, & CAP underclass students who will all be dismissed at 11:30am today. There will be no PM Salisbury students.

  • by Mr. Peregrin.  

    All items in Lost and Found will be emptied by end of day on June 11.  Students may pick up any lost items before June 11. 

    As of June 12, all unclaimed items will have been recycled. 

    Please do not bring items to the main office for lost and found after June 11.

  • by Mr. Peregrin.  

    Mrs. Yohn from Drafting/Computer Aided Design is in need of shoe boxes for a Camp Innovation project. 

    It would be appreciated if you upcycle any extra shoe boxes that you might have by sending them to the Drafting/Computer Aided Design lab.

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