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"Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it."
~Irving Berlin
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  • Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted in the sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole. 

    Refuting the claim that the surest way to reduce anger is to express it, the author asserts that ------- anger can actually increase its ------- .

    1. click to choose answer A  denying . . impact
    2. click to choose answer B  understanding . . importance
    3. click to choose answer C  overcoming . . likelihood
    4. click to choose answer D  venting . . intensity
    5. click to choose answer E  voicing . . benefits
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LCTI Right Now...

  • by Joseph Peregrin.  

    Emmaus: Last day for underclass full day Academic Center & CAP students.

  • by Joseph Peregrin.  

    The front entrance to LCTI will be closed the week of June 18 for drainage repairs.

    This includes the bus circle, vehicle entrance and parking.

  • by Joseph Peregrin.  

    The Small Cafeteria will be closed for the remainder of the school year.

  • by Joseph Peregrin.  

    This is a reminder that when students are out in the building that they should at all times have their respective LCTI ID’s. 

    Also, students need to have an ID and pass when being sent to the Health Room. A student may have a medical emergency, emergency medications or any number of medical issues. The ID provides a quicker response for anyone involved in any type of medical emergency related to a student. 

    If students do not have an ID, the ID room is open Tuesday and Thursday

    AM: 9:00am to 9:30am
    PM: 1:00pm to 1:30pm 

    Replacement ID's cost $3.00.

  • by Joseph Peregrin.  

    Allen: 2:45pm bell, bus@2:50pm in Front
    Catasauqua: 2:35pm announcement, bus@2:40pm in Front
    Dieruff: 2:45pm bell, bus@2:50pm in Lot 3
    Emmaus: 2:45pm bell, bus@2:50pm in Lot 3
    Northampton: 2:45pm bell, bus@2:50pm in Lot 4
    Northern Lehigh: 2:45pm bell, bus@2:50pm in Lot 3
    Northwestern Lehigh: 2:45pm bell, bus@2:50pm in Lot 3
    Parkland: 2:35pm announcement, bus@2:40pm in Front
    Salisbury: 2:45pm bell, bus@2:50pm in Front
    Southern Lehigh: 2:45pm bell, bus@2:50pm in Lot 3
    Whitehall: 2:45pm bell, bus@2:50pm in Lot 3

  • by Joseph Peregrin.  

    All LCTI students should have their LCTI student ID Number when reporting to the cafeterias for lunch.

    The LCTI student ID number is located at the top on the Student Schedules under the topic - "OTHER".

  • by Joseph Peregrin.  

    Period 1: 8:16am to 9:03am (47 Minutes)

    Period 2: 9:05am to 9:47am (42 Minutes)

    Period 3: 9:49am to 10:31am (42 Minutes)

    Period 4: Academic Ctr Lunch 10:32am to 11:02am (30 Minutes)

    Period 5: 11:04am to 11:50am (46 Minutes)

    Period 6: Academic Ctr Lunch 11:52am to 12:22pm (30 Minutes)

    Period 7: 12:24pm to 1:09pm (45 Minutes)

    Period 8: 1:11pm to 1:56pm (45 Minutes)

    Period 9: 1:58pm to 2:45pm (47 Minutes)

  • by Joseph Peregrin.  

    Academic Ctr: dismiss@11:00am to Academic Center

    Allen: lunch@11:10am in Lg Cafe, bus@11:40am in Front

    Building 21: dismiss@10:50am to bus@10:55am in Lot 3

    Catasauqua: dismiss@11:15am to bus@11:20am in Front

    Dieruff: dismiss@10:40am to bus@10:45am in Lot 3

    Emmaus: dismiss@10:50am to bus@10:55am in Lot 3

    Northampton: dismiss@10:55am to bus@11:00am in Lot 4

    N. Lehigh: lunch@11:15am in Lg Cafe, bus@11:45am in Lot 3

    NW. Lehigh: dismiss@11:05am to bus@11:10am in Lot 3

    Parkland: lunch@10:50am in Lg Cafe, bus@11:20am in Front

    S. Lehigh: dismiss@10:50am to bus@10:55am in Lot 3

    Whitehall: lunch@10:55am in Sm Cafe, bus@11:25am in Lot 3

  • by Joseph Peregrin.  

    Tuesday and Thursday:

    9:00am to 9:30am
    1:00pm to 1:30pm 

    Replacement ID's cost $3.00